PlateitForward take a long-term view on social change and have implemented sustainable business practices that positively impact our environment and our communities.


Food Rescued
Part 1

Sustainability through people

The PlateitForward Group believes that true sustainability will come from our staff- who will take their learnings back to their communities and multiply the impact. We employ people from communities who are not presented the same opportunities and by investing in education, employment and skills we are redefining equal opportunity. We believe people are our greatest asset and employ and train these incredible individuals to build career pathways, life skills and hope to showcase their talents and ability and change the future together.

Community Cooking Classes

There is something magical about cooking for your family and friends however many people from our communities do not have the time, knowledge or skills to do this, leading to fast food as the cheaper and quicker option,  leading to health complications later on and furthering disadvantage.

PlateitForward is partnering with a multitude of charities to teach residents of social housing including single Mums, First Nations communities and those transitioning from homelessness the valuable skills of cooking a healthy, delicious meal on budget.

The classes will be delivered by our Executive Chef alongside our Ability Social Chefs who have lived experience of what many of the class have experienced. Through this we are tackling social isolation, poor nutrition and raise skills and long-term community development.

Part 2

Sustainability through food

PlateitForward has started a food rescue program in partnership with Sydney Markets and their vendors. By saving fresh and delicious produce from going to landfill, not only is PlateitForward able to help the environment but also providing healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables through their meal donation program to…. We also collaborate with other food rescue charities such as FoodBank and SecondBite in our meal donation program to ensure restaurant-quality meals, without costing the Earth.

Environmental Impact

PlateitForward also has a long-standing partnership with BioPak who offer sustainable food packaging supplies made from plants, not oil, for businesses who, like us, want to preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations.

This means our boxed meals are fully compostable and we are also looking at how that compost can fuel community gardens to breathe life and colour for those in social housing.

Local Ingredients

We source the highest quality ingredients for all of our projects to support local farmers and businesses. We also believe in the power and flavour of native ingredients while cooking with our Indigenous communities and work with South Eveleigh Rooftop Gardens and Pocket City Farms to source these and deliver culturally appropriate food.

We also take our students and chef teams to farms, food processing facilities and a range of organisations to learn sustainable food practices and teach us all the full circle of where food comes from and best practices for sustainable food.

Long-Term Community Investment

PlateitForward believe are stronger together and are building ingrained partnerships to build deep relationships and impact with other organisations doing great work.

We are working with The Dental Truck to provide free dental work for Indigenous Communities and asylum seekers we work with.

We are working with Glebe Youth Service to assist in programs for at-risk youth.

We are partnering with Deputy to teach technology skills in communities and facilitate digital inclusion and man, many more.

Should you wish to partner with us please reach out.

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